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I’m Karla, a Product focussed UX Design Leader

I design with data and humans in mind, plus, I’m a team leader who builds safety, trust and keeps things chill, so my team can smash goals and level up. My curiosity thrives on the speed of change with constant learning about product, design, business, UX, and growth. Let’s chat innovation and UX strategy.

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Hey there, It’s me, Karla
– and it’s nice to see you here!

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Human-Centred Innovation at its Core
My background is in psychology, visual arts, and video this informs a deep understanding of motivation, aesthetics and user behaviour. I have worked in agency, enterprise, consultancy, executive, marketing, and technology. I originate from Wellington N.Z, and have evolved via London into a proud Inner Westie. I’m passionate about Design Thinking, research, data and micro interactions.

Thriving in a Disruptive Landscape
The future of AI and user interaction excites me – Web 3.0, IoT, conversational design and the No UI movement all hold immense potential. I’m constantly learning and exploring to ensure my designs are future-proof.

Experience that Speaks for Itself
With over 20 years of industry experience, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with leading organizations like WooliesX, The Arts Council, HCF, Commonwealth Bank, NIB, NSW Department of Communities and Justice, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Telstra, World Nomads, and the Sydney Opera House.


In these troubled times, I try to be helpful.
When I see someone without a smile, I give them mine.