Project Description

Company: WooliesX
Output: Universal login for Everyday Rewards, Woolies & BigW
My Role: Project Lead at WooliesX in a squad of 6
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WooliesX – Single sign on

Problem statement

The Woolworths Group, encompassing Woolworths supermarkets, Everyday Rewards, and Big W, had separate logins for each platform. This case study details the UX process implemented during the launch of a new enterprise single login solution leveraging Auth0 solution, and the subsequent positive impact on user experience.

The Process


  • Multiple Logins: Customers juggled separate usernames and passwords for each Woolworths Group platform, leading to frustration and login fatigue.
  • The login experiences for each platform differed visually and functionally, creating confusion for users.
  • Security Concerns: Managing multiple login credentials increased the risk of compromised accounts


  • One Ecosystem login for all the Woolworths group, eliminating the need for separate login screens for each brand
  • A centralized user profile was created using Auth0 technology, accessible across all platforms upon successful login
  • Customers can manage their shopping preferences, addresses and personal information from a central location
  • A consistent streamlined user journey across all platforms established, consistent reusable components across the Group
  • Reduce dependency on passwords, align with security industry best practice 2 factor authentication across all brands
  • Keep customers logged in for longer on trusted devices, using extended tokens to prolong session times

Outcomes & Success metrics

The approach for Woolworths Group’s enterprise single login solution demonstrates the power of prioritizing user experience. By eliminating the need for multiple logins and leveraging existing secure credentials, the project resulted in a faster, more secure, and convenient experience for Woolworths Group customers. This approach also strengthens the overall Woolworths Group brand image by presenting a unified and streamlined user journey.

  • A single sign on eliminated the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords, significantly reducing login friction
  • Users could access all platforms with a single click after the initial Universal Login, leading to a faster and more efficient user experience
  • By leveraging established security protocols of trusted providers, the Universal Login system minimized the risk of compromised accounts
  • Customer surveys revealed a significant increase in customer satisfaction related to the login experience, with users appreciating the convenience and security
  • Woolworths Group ensured user data privacy by adhering to strict data governance policies and user consent regulations
  • The Universal Login system and user interfaces remained accessible for users with disabilities, adhering to WCAG guidelines
  • Woolworths and BigW employees were trained on the new single sign on and its benefits for seamless customer support.