Project Description

Company: RealWear Hands Free Industrial Smart Glasses
Output: Conversation design – proof of concept
My Role: UX designer while at Bilue, full responsibility.
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Realwear Voice activated – Proof of concept

Problem statement

To create a voice-activated app to keep field workers hands-free in an industrial workplace. The Realwear device allows the field technician whether they be electrician plumber or rig technician to go end to end of a work order with their hands-free, making their work safer, smarter and faster. The prototype features are the ability to log into SAP Cloud platform to access work orders, update job status, upload and view files and talk to the depot.

The Prototype

Realwear device worn by a man in the field.

Create a prototype using voiceprint to login, integrate with SAP to view and update work orders, change job status, view and upload documents on the go.

Considerations and challenges

  • It’s a closed circuit system so there are no examples of other headsets. With very little guidelines on typography or screen size there was a lot of trial and error.
  • The RW device is something in between a tablet and VUI so wayfinding / sign-posting was important.
  • The voice commands are specific to the device and cannot be customised, abbreviated or intuited. So the wayfinders are actually voice prompts or reminders but in the familiar style and position of a button. E.G When using navigation commands ‘Navigate back’, once understood by the navigator can never be abbreviated to ‘Back’.
  • The visual design had to be simple, bold and consistent to be recognised as prompts on the small screen. Less was more.
  • It also means breaking down the content into small meaningful chunks, so the pathway through these chunks needs to be easy with simple functionality. Scrolling is still fairly unintuitive.