Project Description

Company: Local Agent Finder
Output:IOS Mobile App in 8 weeks
My Role:Project Lead contractor at Bilue, team of 4
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LAF – Mobile App for agents

Problem statement

Create a Mobile app designed to assist agents to view and contact new leads on the go in a tight turnaround of only 8 weeks. Be industry leaders help to drive their business forward with the development of the IOS app. To overcome existing login issues by harnessing native IOS functionality offering either touch, face or PIN login options.

The Process


Our team’s initial phase began with a discussion of our assumptions and challenging what we believed we knew about the topic. Each of us then set about learning all we could about Real estate agents gathering internal surveys on their customer base and identifying types of people we could learn from, which we then used to craft an interview guide. Given the short time frame, no user interviews were possible so we scheduled a full day in LAF, where we met and spoke with their agent delegate and read all the customer data available.

Observations and Insights

We then re-grouped to synthesize what we had learned, and conduct a brainstorming session in which we identified themes, refined our insights, and crafted both frameworks for the problem and ideas for potential solutions. We identified pain points in the existing customer journey and discussed possible solutions.

The Solution

Our proposed solution was to harness existing IOS functionality of touch, face and PIN login options to reduce forgotten password issues. Given the time frame, we identified key task flows and focussed in on lead gen and contacts as they had the most value to the agent/user.
I considered what content would be relevant and useful, worked out the information architecture, then created key task flows to help visualize the process and how users might interact with the service.

Prototype Development and User Testing

The final stage of the design was to create some a clickable prototype which would allow us to demonstrate the micro-interactions the product and get feedback from the client and a select group of agents, lastly, I added the visual design.

Success metrics

  • 80% of agents successfully found opportunities matching their needs
  • 5-8 minutes average time spent using the app
  • App store rating: 4.0 stars out of 5
  • 17 positive reviews left by users highlighting the benefits
  • 379 app downloads (3 month post launch)


  • Delivered iPhone app in 8 weeks with rapid iterations planned
  • Highly engaged customer base, an increase in customer acquisition
  • Increased rates of self-service leading to a reduction in call centre time
  • Higher lead uptake & usage, increased time spent on the platform
  • Agent sales and rentals are tracked more accurate and efficiently