Project Description

Company: Ventia / Broadspectrum IT Self service
Output: Research Recommendation Report
My Role: Lead UX Researcher at Bilue, sole responsibility.
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Ventia / Broadspectrum – Research Recommendation Report

Problem statement

The focus of the project was to improve the user experience of the internal IT Shop, and develop a scalable, configurable solution that could be easily integrated and maintained.

I was responsible for leading playback workshops with clients, user interviews covering the 3 types of users, discussion guides, wireframes, prototyping, and UI design. I had to define who were the highest value users and what their typical task flows looked like from both a requesting & approving perspective.

The Process

 I had to understand and illustrate the current state, identify pain points and create a streamlined shopping experience for internal users and an efficient approval flow. The solution also needed to integrate with existing employee systems.

User Types

  • Procurement – Request & Approver
  • IT – Request & Approver + Admin
  • Contract Managers / EA’s – Request & Approve EA’s may log in as their manager to approve
  • EA’s/Individuals/HR – Primarily Requester


  • Site-In-a-Box (SIB) (set-up, transfer or deprovision a new workplace)
  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) – order a desktop/laptop, transfer or loss of a device.
  • eAccess – Application access, System access, Network access

Pain Points

  • When a ticket is submitted and checked against SAP cost center is wrong the ticket fails
  • A lack of transparency on timescales and next steps
  • Group requests still require a phone call if multi delivery is required
  • Emails from Wipro do not give a reason for rejected tickets

Outcomes & Success metrics

UX Recommendations


  • Validate cost centres, purchasing group, approver data with a ‘validate’ button so it is impossible to submit a bad request.
  • Pre-populate fields whenever possible but include the ability to over-ride
  • Use dynamically generated forms
  • Categorise content introducing headings and use plain English labelling.
  • Add prompts to check everything is included e.g If you want Ariba you must also have Citrix?
  • Add a urgency field (estimated number of people/hours impacted) with validation.
  • Ask user preferred method of delivery, multiple addresses or TBC address.


  • Request submitted – email to both the requester and approver with a link to the request; a Wipro contact who’s responsible; current status; description of the type of request, who lodged the request; project information.
  • Mobile notifications when a task has changed status with a link to the request.
  • Add a confirmation screen which includes a status update, a ticket reference number, description of request, reason for request, and the project associated.


  • Improve clarity of status by adding estimated times, a contact plus department responsible with plain English labelling.
  • A one click poll to rate users experience of the IT-Shopfront.
  • FAQs page with common issues documented
  • Content page on how to escalate a request.
  • Content page steps on how to edit a request and what to do if the status is incorrect.