Project Description

Company: Ventia / Broadspectrum
Output: Research & Recommendation report
My Role: Project Lead while at Bilue, full responsibility.
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Ventia / Broadspectrum – Research & Recommendation report

Problem statement

This engagement was pure research to understand the complexities of tracking, approving & invoicing of equipment at various sites across Australia and NZ. Understand key user flows and the specific requirements for different locations and types of equipment.
To then propose a solution which integrates into existing SAP systems on various worksites across Australia & NZ.

Women and men railways workers

The Process

Step 1 – Align

  • Review documentation, existing solutions.
  • Research prep – identify knowledge gaps, discussion guides, candidate screeners.
  • Kick off workshop to develop a clear definition of the problem and our measurements of success agree on the outcomes.

Step 2 – Immerse

  • 8 user Interviews with three user types. Individual, Crew Lead, Manager.
  • Validate hypothesis and identify needs, themes & opportunities.
  • Synthesis & sensemaking of behaviors, patterns and current state.
  • Playback workshop to present draft findings.

Step 3 – Create

  • Create 3 key task flows to determine the steps to achieve common goals.
  • Lead a workshop to validate the task flows with the client.
  • Technical consultation inventory and identify any gaps or risks.
  • Playback workshop -present draft solutions and workings.

Step 4 – Deliver

  • Wireframes covering off key flows and difficult scenarios.
  • Technical documentation gaps in in more detail / develop plans.
  • Showcase -present current state pain points overlaid with solutions. Documentation, executive summary and UX artifacts.

Outcomes & Success metrics


  • The equipment logging solution should be automated and accurate, this is not possible with a paper system. It makes sense to use a digital solution and integrate with e-timesheets.
  • Mandatory equipment logging by the field worker is a requirement of submitting time-sheets.
  • Equipment ID numbers must be linked to both the job (work order) and all the employees (employee numbers) on that job so multiple users can use equip on one day.
  • Incorporate required validation for work permits/license and vehicle safety checks and assign activity codes.
  • Add a status to equipment module (e.g. awaiting delivery/damaged/being repaired) for increased transparency of equipment.
  • Add daily hour limits for each piece of equipment to assist in multiple daily users. Notifications of teams equip usage.
  • Ability for crew/supervisor to search the asset register for missing or unknown pieces of equipment.
  • Check equipment in/out for multiple users to increase transparency across all user equipment usage.
  • Add photo of new or updated permit/license attach to employee number.